Expert Tips On Upping Your Job-Seeking Game In 2021

Kritika Sawantkar
3 min readJan 15, 2021
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Following the pandemic and its serious impact on the job landscape, companies have been closely evaluating various methods to maintain continuum. So Vanshika Goenka -_ Founder and CEO of Kool Kanya, an online career oriented platform for women where they can be part of mutually supported ecosystem that helps them grow from each other and grow their careers shares her Expert Points for enhancing our Job hunting game.

The consensus is that the extensive and easy availability of communication technology has enabled people to smoothly adapt to the new work-from-home setup.
Organisations are methodically taking steps to enable a unified digital workplace, with increased work flexibility to its employees as well as clients.

What’s New?
However, with these significant changes, what are the implications for individuals on the lookout for jobs?Companies are now looking for a whole new set of skills in professionals and to be able to shine, job seekers must be ready to upskill. The post-pandemic world will need more people who are adept, adaptable and multi-skilled.

Upskilling, cross-functionally is especially crucial to widen the horizon of opportunities even if it is in the midst of adversity. Heading back to work might mean that employees will be subjected to a higher demand of being able to perform multiple roles and pick up on the leftover slack too. Therefore, survival in both of these scenarios will be heavily dependent on the ability to learn and up-skill.

How To Upskill?

- Develop a career-centric approach
- Focus on building digital competency
- Take initiative to unlock your leadership potential
- Look to fill newer roles at work
— Develop and demonstrate your soft skills
- Expand your industry knowledge

Also keep an open mind. Instead of focusing on the next conventional step up the career ladder, be flexible about which industries you concentrate your job search on. Specific industries such as technology, medicine and e-commerce will be hiring more than other sectors at the moment, so strategise your job search in accordance with this trend.

Position Yourself As Valuable

Position yourself as a valuable brand. You can explore various social media platforms and use them to showcase your knowledge and expertise. Remember to consistently update your LinkedIn profile, adding any new skills you’ve learned. Work on building on your network and it will help to increase your visibility in relevant circles.

Prepare For Remote Access

Further, prepare yourself for remote interviews and train to be an effective resource whether or not you work remotely. Staying abreast with the latest technological trends will also go a long way in helping you strengthen your position as a job seeker. The market has changed but it hasn’t ceased to exist. Opportunities present themselves when you focus on a flexible, comprehensive job search that includes writing a great resume, being open-minded about where you work and investing time in networking. It is essentially all about constantly evolving to fit in and catching up with trends. For this, individuals ought to set high standards for commitment, enthusiasm and openness to evolve. The calling right now is to serve in unprecedented times, and you have to show that you are not only ready to survive, but also thrive.



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