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MissMalini Trending — A One-Of-A-Kind News Desk That Celebrates Social Media Influencers!

MissMalini Trending is the brainchild of Malini Agarwal that has been created to spotlight influencers and content creators exclusively. These digital stars are so loved by millions of fans because they create unique, relatable and real material. They’ve started their journeys from scratch and have gained popularity purely on the basis of their content, authenticity and personality.

True to the nature of digital content, this newsdesk was the sudden epiphany Malini had at 3:00 AM while texting Karishma Govil (a micro-influencer herself — @soul_kari) who immediately came on board to take lead as the newsdesk’s editor. Malini believes there could not have been a better editor/news desk head than Karishma Govil to take on the task of building a newsdesk for creators from scratch. Malini says, “As a creator herself, Karishma truly understands what it takes to create great content every single day and has made the newsdesk a roaring success in a short timespan. She is also completely on top of everything happening in the creator world, and trust me there’s a lot!”

Launched on 7th January 2020, MissMalini Trending began just as a simple idea, with a big party that saw many significant influencers in attendance — the likes of Shakti Arora, Ravi Dubey, Gaurav & Ritu Taneja, Anusha Dandekar, Sushant Divgikar, DamnFam, Team 07, Gaurav Gera, Sahil Khattar, Aanam C, Meghna Kaur, Ayush Mehra, Bhavin Bhanushali, Kings United, Nirmika Singh, Sonali Bhadauria, Aisha Ahmed, Shalini Samuel and many more.

This newsdesk has rapidly become an authority in the social media and influencer space. It has featured over 200+ influencers showcasing their journeys through various interview series’ like ‘Influencer Jam’ and ‘Show And Tell’ where Karishma deep dives into the lives of these stars. Trending also keeps their audience engaged with all the current news of their favourite celebrities through a weekly run-through of events called “What’s The Tea?”.

Karishma Govil, Influencer and Content Creator said, “Creators are hardworking and innovative. You can call them a one-man army as they write, direct, shoot and edit their content themselves and that’s essentially the reason they garner so much love from their fans. MissMalini Trending’s primary aim is to celebrate the work and milestones of these talented stars who strive to entertain their audiences every single day. We are truly proud of bringing in this concept and lauding the efforts of these unsung heroes.”

Malini Agarwal is going above and beyond to make the online world a kinder, safer space. She recently started an initiative called #IgnoreNoMoreOnline that educates her audience about cybercrimes and how to report them. That’s not all, she also started a community called Malini’s Girl Tribe where over 52,000 women from all walks of life can share experiences, empower, inspire and learn from each other. A virtual community that has already benefited its members by helping them form real-life friendships through a digital platform. The Girl Tribe by MissMalini App will be launching shortly so stay tuned!

With so much happening in our digital world, it’s important to have empathy and spread positivity online and that is the key focus area for MissMalini Trending.

Malini Agarwal — Founder MissMalini

Expressing her emotions about this project, Malini Agarwal Founder MissMalini Entertainment and Creative Director Malini’s Girl Tribe said,”I started my “influencer” journey before the concept of “content creators” even existed. It makes me immensely proud to see how far the industry has come and how this genre of content has given rise to so many digital stars. We, at MissMalini Entertainment have always wanted to give back to the creator community. So we thought why not create an exclusive newsdesk that celebrates their lives and hard work and keeps their fans up-to-date on everything that’s happening in the creator world.”

“We also plan to use @MissMaliniTrending as a launchpad for new talent and give creators their rightful space in the spotlight just as traditional celebrities have enjoyed for so long. Most of all we want to celebrate the positivity, kindness and inspiration these creators bring to their millions of fans on a daily basis.” She added.

Successful YouTuber — Ashish Chanchlani said,

“MissMalini trending is a one-stop platform for all the updates related to influencers, content creators, and the ones who stand out with their creativity. Being a YouTuber, I prefer to be updated with all the latest trends. The platform acknowledges and highlights any developments and expansion made by the creator in their respective fields.”

Sustainability endorser couple — Abhi and Niyu, Creator and former Miss India — Ruhi Singh, the funny and incredibly talented Nikunj Lotia a.k.a Be Younick, have all expressed their excitement for this concept as it is offers a platform to those who are creating fresh, unique content each day to receive the deserved recognition as well as establish connections that would benefit them in the long run.

Follow all the creator news on @MissMaliniTrending on Instagram and in the dedicated Trending tab on Also stay tuned for MissMalini Trending’s Creator Awards and Digital Magazine coming soon to a Trending desk near you!



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